We demo­cratise the printing industry

Zaikio brings printers, customers, brand owners, suppliers, software & equipment manufacturers together on a modern and open platform so that everyone can communicate and exchange data on a level playing field.

We are software experts in the printing industry. With our industry platform Zaikio we digitise and improve processes for every market player, creating a digital dividend that we distribute between all participants.

These are our products:

Zaikio Procurement
Now available as Beta!

Central purchasing of paper and consumables.

No more price lists and manual ordering processes. Zaikio Procurement radically improves your purchasing processes. Whether from your inventory software, with our modern web app or via our API: Purchasing has never been faster and more transparent.

Zaikio Procurement is currently in closed beta and will be available to all in early 2021. Until then, we are still looking for pioneers who would like to take a look at it now. For more information, please visit our details page.

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Zaikio App Store
Comes in Q1 2021

The right app for every use.

In our App Store you will find established and new software for the printing industry. Put the software together in the way that suits you best and pay conveniently on a monthly basis. Software integration as it should be.

The Zaikio App Store is expected to launch in early 2021.

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Zaikio Mission Control
Comes in Q2 2021

Uniform data exchange for all systems!

Mission Control is the digital control centre of your print shop. This is where all job and production data converge and are aggregated so that any software can use them. Uniform, semantically correct and protected in accordance with European data protection standards.

Mission Control will probably be available in mid 2021.

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Pioneers wanted!

We are looking for pioneers who want to venture new things with us. You have the urgent need to restructure and digitally transform yourself? Perfect! Because we are always looking for printers who want to test Zaikio right now. Your advantage: You're involved from the very beginning and can actively influence how our platform develops. With your partners, your systems and your ideas.

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Be part of the action and shape the future of Zaikio!

Zaikio thrives when as many partners as possible participate. That makes it all the more important for us to know which partners are particularly relevant for you. Create your free Zaikio account now and keep up to date with the development and decide where the journey will take us.

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Questions and Answers

Who is the Zaikio platform for?

Zaikio is for anyone or any print and graphics organisation active in the print industry. No-matter what industry segment you specialise in, or what your company produces, Zaikio can help meet your challenges.

When can I start?

You can get your own personal Zaikio account now, completely free of charge. It may take a few months for the platform to improve your print-shop as we are still developing, with the aim of completing Mid-2021. In the mean time we will integrate with ever increasing numbers of partners, software vendors and suppliers.

What's this going to cost?

Compared to integrating individually to various solutions which can be expensive, it’s often cheaper to connect with Zaikio and the embedded apps or services. We know that most printers want to reduce costs, so we want to bring you modern technologies without the high up front costs. Your personal Zaikio account is, and will always remain free.

How exactly does it work?

Zaikio is a truly open connectivity platform that enables data exchange between different software systems, machines and partners. This applies to modern cloud based systems and also site-based systems. Together with our partners, we eliminate erroneous processes in print shops and negate the need for expensive and unreliable silo solutions.

Who is Zaikio?

Zaikio is the philosophy of innovative, young and dynamic coding professionals with a whole lot of experience in the print industry, backed up by established Industry leaders like Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Programming and Design is in our DNA, we love to create nice and functional products. More partners will be launched soon. We believe that a co-operation with the right mind-set can solve the challenges of the print industry.