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Every print shop knows them, almost every print shop has them: expert systems, whether called MIS or ERP, which only know one thing: One to rule them all! Complex and difficult to operate systems that have been developed for special use cases and can often only operate within this narrow framework. But the world has changed!

Divide and conquer

In a highly dynamic market environment, it is more important than ever for print shops to occupy a niche, develop unique selling points and open up new business areas. How can a single software, as a glorious monolith, ever meet such requirements? Never! That is why it is time to rethink!

The solution is obvious: Instead of a software that can do everything, a modular system must be created that can be assembled flexibly and according to requirements. In this way, everyone can take care of what he or she does best and all non-value-adding activities are automated.

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One account, infinite possibilities

But to work together seamlessly, all systems involved must be able to talk to each other, in the same language and without detours. Zaikio provides the platform and the tools. The free Zaikio account is your ticket to the world of Zaikio.

Once logged in, you can manage your profile, your companies and your memberships in our Zaikio Hub. There you can also connect to different systems. This can be existing software that is already running on-premise or new apps that are offered by our software partners through our App Store. We make sure that these systems can talk to each other and exchange data. Thus, a vendor-independent and affordable end-to-end integration is finally possible.

The Zaikio App Store is currently under development and will be available in early 2021. But already now you can register for free and make all preparations in the Zaikio Hub. In addition, you can actively participate in determining which software partners and systems will be prioritised to find their way to Zaikio. We look forward to your feedback!

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