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We are software developers and we know what other software developers need. That's why we developed Zaikio as an open system from the outset. This is the only way we can create something great together.

Established meets brand new.

We have great respect for the innovations and technology that have been developed in the printing industry in recent years. So we don't expect everything to be redeveloped for Zaikio. We invite everyone to dock their existing software to Zaikio to take advantage of the platform. How far you go with it is up to you. Whether it's simple linking or completely new apps, exclusively on Zaikio: We bring everyone together.

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Everything is under control.

If you decide to market your app through Zaikio, we offer you a unique marketplace for this with the App Store. With our tools you can start developing for Zaikio right away. It doesn't matter which programming language you develop in or where your app is hosted. Use the tools that work best for you and we'll do the rest.

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