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What’s in for 2020 and beyond?

For us, this last year was like a rollercoaster ride. Since the beginning of our relationship with Heidelberg, they asked us what an open platform for the industry might look like, and how it would work. We drew, we argued, we developed, we threw things away. We turned things up and down, improved, tested and went back to the drawing board. This how we work! Zaikio is evolving every day and will always be better than the day before. This is our past, present and future.

Christian Christian Weyer, Managing Director Technology at Zaikio, is responsible for infrastructure and product development. He loves to get to the bottom of things and develop simple solutions to complex problems.

✅ June 2019

Heidelberg acquires Crispy Mountain and work on Zaikio begins.

✅ Autumn 2019

First developer previews of the Zaikio Hub, the Loom event system and the App Store.

✅ Spring 2020

First developer previews of the Zaikio Procurement platform and connectivity to the first suppliers.

✅ Summer 2020

The Zaikio hub becomes available to the public. The procurement platform starts with the first test customers. Mission Control is available for developers.

⏳ Q3 2020

Start of the closed beta for the procurement platform. Mission Control is available in closed beta. Ask us, if you want a sneak peak!

⏳ End of 2020

First Apps launch in the Zaikio app store. New Zaikio apps allow job routing and checkout functionality for third party marketplaces. Mission Control becomes available for everybody.

⏳ 2021

Apps for all kinds of tasks become available in the App Store, including imposing, preflight, and various Keyline apps for accounting, billing, production planning and scheduling.