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Let data flow

Historically, software in print is mostly deployed on premise, so the burden of integration has also rested on you, the printer. It is also paid for by you, coordinated by you and maintained by you. We all know how fragile this approach is, like a house of cards, and the collapse could be just one update away. This approach is error-prone, not scalable and frankly fifteen years behind the times. This is why we created Zaikio.

Time to take back control

The job of Zaikio is to store and distribute all data required by the print process to all parties in a print shop that need it: human beings, software and machines. We do this by giving you your own work space inside Zaikio. All your current on-premise applications, all machines as well as new Zaikio apps can read and write product and process information there.

Additionally, all connected parties are informed automatically whenever data changes or new information becomes available. With this approach we can distribute information effectively to all participants without the need for these participants to talk to each other directly. They just need to talk to Zaikio. This makes their job tremendously easier, scalable, safe and controllable.

Automate processes with one integration.
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United we stand

With our openly accessible data model, documentation and APIs, we help software developers and machine vendors to connect to Zaikio with ease. We have also built a Zaikio developer community where they can exchange opinions and get support. We strongly believe that connectivity is the job of the professionals, the software makers and machine vendors. You, as a printer or partner, should not be involved in this at all. It is our responsibility.

Let's see the big picture

Computers serve humans. And all information processing that we perform is for one goal: improving your process and telling you and your employees what is happening on the shop floor. With our web interface, on connected machine displays or on iPads distributed across the shop floor. Zaikio supplies you with a 360 degree overview, vendor and product independent of course. And since Zaikio is a web based platform, we can easily just link into other third party apps that run on the platform for in-depth information.

Have all information at hand. Everywhere and anytime.
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Tear down these walls

A few lines above, we wrote specifically about giving every printer a dedicated work space inside Zaikio. That is very important. Nobody gets their own Zaikio, but rather a space inside the big Zaikio universe. This allows you to grant access to the same data to multiple other parties. So when a product is made by you, but is later, for example, bound by a book binder you can both work on the same data if you both use Zaikio, with your permission of course. Similarly you can grant access to the data to customers, web2print systems for status updates and much more. Zaikio is truly democratising the way information is held, and by sharing we can all create a better, more efficient print production process to serve you customers.

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