Materials procurement made easier than ever

Zaikio Procurement gathers all the materials needed in your shop at a single glance. Order directly from your preferred suppliers, at your individual conditions, with just a click. You will save at least half of all phone calls and emails to suppliers and avoid expensive mistakes to boot.


Zaikio Procurement works with all your trusted suppliers. Many partners allow you to access pricing information, see availability and even submit orders right from our software.

If you are a supplier you can find more information at For Partners.

What exactly is Zaikio Procurement?

Requirements planning

Zaikio Procurement connects to your MIS, production floor and warehouse to gather all the materials needed at a single glance, whether it's a stock item or a customer's special wish.

All products in one database

Browse and search all your suppliers, products and prices in a matter of seconds. It's time to get rid of all the manually updated and messy spreadsheets.

Zaikio Procurement screenshot
Zaikio Procurement screenshot

Direct line to suppliers

Many partners allow you to submit orders right from our software with no phone calls or emails. Pricing information, availability and delivery dates are just a click away.

We are a broker, not a dealer

Zaikio Procurement acts as a broker of orders. You get to keep all your business relationships and existing pricing conditions.

Connects to your MIS

If you connect your MIS, you will see pricing information and availability while working on a quote. You can even submit your order right from your MIS.

Artificial intelligence

Zaikio Procurement recognizes low stock, regular recurring orders and duplicate entries. Our built-in assistant will make your life easier.

Order optimization

Zaikio Procurement lets you convert pallets, rolls and kilograms so you will order only what you really need, at the best price possible.

Never miss a beat

Orders don't stop when you hit submit. Keep track of your deliveries and receive updates whenever the status of your order changes.

Ok, how much is it?

Print shops can use Zaikio Procurement at no cost, with no installation or training necessary. Zaikio makes money by charging partners a sales commission.

Zaikio is a broker of orders, you keep buying from your trusted supplier, at your individual pricing conditions. We guarantee no additional cost by using Zaikio Procurement.

  • No setup cost
  • No monthly fees
  • No price premium
  • Free forever
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Make it even better: connect to your MIS

Gain access to pricing information and availability while working on quotes by connecting Zaikio Procurement with your existing MIS (optional).

Your MIS is not supported yet? You can still use Zaikio Procurement today, as a standalone tool.

Are you a MIS software supplier? Find out how to integrate with Zaikio Procurement at For Partners.

Bastian Druck saves precious time by using Zaikio Procurement

Zaikio Procurement saves about 2.5h per person and week. That's 15 more hours we can spend on more customer relationship and sales.
Axel Scheufelen
Nico Kessel
Deputy Managing Director, Bastian Druck

Frequently asked questions

I already have business relationships with my suppliers. What will happen to them?

All business relationships with your suppliers remain the same as they are now. We're basically just adding something on top, namely a convenient user interface to manage all orders comfortably.

Who is Zaikio?

Zaikio is a modern, new company that aims to accompany print shops into the digital age. As a subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, we are ideally equipped to fulfill this mission.

What happens to my data?

Data security is Zaikio's top priority. That's why you, as a print shop, always remain the owner of your data. Software partners and suppliers can only access selected data when you actively release it. Zaikio covers all European data protection regulations and only stores data that is absolutely necessary.

What can I do if my MIS or supplier is not connected to Zaikio?

You can also use Zaikio Procurement independently of your MIS and even if your suppliers are not (yet) on board. However, we try to bring as many partners on board as possible. Feel free to ask your MIS provider or suppliers if and when they will realize a connection.

Is Zaikio Procurement really free?

Using Zaikio Procurement is completely free of charge for printers. Zaikio's business model is based on a relationship between Zaikio itself and participating suppliers. For printers, this does not change anything in the existing business relationship with their suppliers.