Central purchasing directly from your MIS

Do you order your consumables by e-mail, phone or fax, like the majority of printers? Due to the lack of a connection between your own software landscape and the different systems of dealers and suppliers, you are losing valuable time that could be used elsewhere. We have taken on this challenge.

Shopping without media disruption ✔︎

With Zaikio you can order consumables directly from your usual MIS. We work with many MIS manufacturers and together we ensure that your MIS can connect to Zaikio Procurement. If you don't have an MIS - or don't have one that is not yet supported - you can order directly from our web app which is embedded in your free Zaikio account.

Complete procurement on one platform ✔︎

No matter whether it's paper, ink, plates or other consumables, you can digitally map your complete purchasing process via the Zaikio platform. You no longer have to leaf through complex dealer catalogs, now you can purchase the desired items directly, completely digitally, and automated completely.

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* We will soon introduce the partners of our platform

All added values for your print shop at a glance

Your daily price

All prices are live and of course take into account the conditions negotiated with the dealer. Prices can be displayed directly in your MIS. Never again rely on annoying CSV imports.

Ordering without making a phone call

Within seconds you can order your consumables without having to pick up the phone.

Immediate feedback

Zaikio gives you immediate information whether your order can be executed by the retailer or not, and can also provide alternatives.

Full status tracking

You always know where your order is at any given moment. You don't have to chase orders manually.

Shipping Notification

If a delivery is on the way, you will automatically receive notifications. Full transparency!

Warehouse notifications

Through the connection with your warehouse software, an incoming delivery can be booked in automatically. Re-ordering depending on minimum stock levels is also possible.

Invoices in the system

The invoice for each order will be provided automatically - in the Web App and if possible in your MIS. Your accountant will be so pleased!

Notification System

Should something not go quite so smoothly, we will point this out by message and suggest a solution electronically.

Your contract stays!

Your existing contracts and payment arrangements with your suppliers remain completely unaffected by the use of Zaikio.

Order consumables digitally - These options are available to you:

Directly from your MIS

Many MIS systems are already connected to Zaikio. If your MIS is also connected, you can place orders directly from it. Don't worry if yours is not listed yet: We are already in touch with almost all manufacturers!

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With our modern Web-interface.

If your suppliers are already partners of Zaikio, you can easily order all materials via our app. Here you have all functions at your fingertips, from the order to the invoice overview. If your supplier is not yet listed on our platform, please let them know - Zaikio will support you with the integration.

With solutions developed by you

Our interfaces are open and can be used by any software developer without much effort. So you can also integrate live prices, orders and delivery status into your home-made applications.

Closed Beta: Register now

In order to make Zaikio Procurement ideally suited to the printing industry, we are gathering feedback at an early stage. Currently, our private beta phase is running with selected test customers who are already ordering their paper via our platform. In the next step we will open Zaikio Procurement to other selected printers. You can be part of it!

This is how it works:

  • Sign up

    Register with Zaikio by clicking on the button below.

  • Fill out the questionnaire

    In order to select the test printers, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire (takes no longer than 2 minutes) about your printer and purchasing behaviour. Your data will be treated confidentially and will be irrevocably deleted after the end of the closed beta.

  • Be selected

    In January we will select printers step by step from the applications and discuss the further procedure via the e-mail address provided.

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Be part of it and help shape the future of Zaikio!

Zaikio benefits more users when as many partners as possible participate. This makes it all the more important for us to know which partners are particularly relevant for you. Create your free Zaikio account now and keep up to date with the latest developments and decide where the journey takes you.

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