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Olga Baginski
18. February 2021

The printing industry becomes a software industry

A Review of the Procurement Process in Printing CompaniesI have been working at Zaikio in product marketing for three months – my first station in the printing industry. Before that, I spent several years in the software environment, where digitisation and automation were a given.In the first weeks of my time at Zaikio I realised that the printing industry has a lot of catching up to do in this area. I learned a lot about the processes in printing companies and how they actually work. Coming from an industry that automated everything that could be automated, I first had to get used to the fact that printers, for example, increasingly use the phone to order paper and other materials. I can only imagine what a time-consuming and often nerve-wracking process this is - with double entries of the same data into different system...

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Christian Weyer
5. February 2021

Does Mission Control make JDF obsolete?

During the last couple of months, as the work on Mission Control takes shape and many partners already have joined us in our efforts, and we’ve been asked repeatedly about Zaikio’s role in connectivity in general and also in regards to JDF.But before we get to that, let’s start with a piece of history. Where we come fromPrint shops aren’t islands. And inside a single print shop, all the different departments and people aren’t islands either. This truth will become even more pronounced in the future. Printers will have to foster internal and external collaboration, team work, and streamlined, meaningful end-to-end processes to be successful.When we started Keyline - our MIS product - six years ago, we build it in such a way that it connects to others through APIs. We did this more by accident than by strategic planning. The...

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